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H&S Unlock Code

CAD $49.00

Does NOT work for Mini Maxx V2 (It is not an H&S Device).

The code can be found by going in to show settings and holding the bottom left button for 15 seconds,


H&S Unlock Codes work for H&S Mini Maxx & XRT Pro.

An H&S Unlock code will allow you to use your device on a different truck without returning to stock. A reset code will be emailed to you after your order.


H&S Unlock Code Instructions:

  • Power up your device (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to power it via USB source (such as a laptop, or really anything that has a USB port on it) rather than directly to the truck via the OBD-II interface.
  • Press the TOP LEFT button to open the main menu.
  • Scroll down until you see the SHOW SETTINGS sub-menu, and then press the corresponding menu button to select it.
  • Hold down the BOTTOM LEFT BUTTON until the unit beeps – this may take up to 20 seconds. After it beeps, release the button and it will bring up a 4 digit code at the top of the screen. This is your Root Code. Note: Your root code is NOT 1111. It is the next set of four numbers displayed on the screen.
  • Enter this code into the order form on this page, as well as the type of vehicle that the tuner is CURRENTLY LOCKED TO (in other words, the type of vehicle that is listed in the Show Settings screen – see sample image).

XRT-PRO User Guide


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