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EcoDiesel Delete Bench Tune

CAD $1,099.95

Stock Lightweight
25 HP
50 HP


EcoDiesel Delete Bench Tune

This is an EcoDiesel delete tune that requires you to ship your ECM to us. This tune is less computer oriented than our MPVI2 solution however it does have longer down time.

Instructions for removal will be provided by email.

  • Much better throttle response
  • Improved fuel economy
  • More Power and Torque (optional)
  • Turbo Brake option
  • Designed to have no codes and no evidence its tuned, other than the DEF gauge will read 0 with lightweight option.

Tunes are available for 2014-2019 only at this time.

These tunes will turn off and allow the EGR and DPF emission systems to be removed.

These tune files are custom written for your truck allowing safe and efficient power. With custom tuning you have the option to select a power level or leave the power level stock with emissions removed.

Multistage custom tuning allows you to select the best power level for your application. For example, a tow tune will provide a wider torque curve to assist with a heavy load. By having selectable tuning, you can maximize your fuel efficiency or power where needed or for fun.

Transmission tuning, where applicable, is recommended to increase the transmission’s ability to handle more power by increasing line pressure and moving shift points.

Why delete your truck?

The DPF, EGR, and SCR systems on your 2007+ truck are complex, prone to depreciating and loosing efficiency, or outright failing and costing money to replace.

Many a modern day diesel driver has experience of a truck in reduced engine power, limp mode or not starting because of issues with the emissions systems on their truck.

A custom tune will allow the DPF filter to be removed, and turn off the EGR and SCR systems, allowing them to be removed and bringing back reliability to your truck.

Diesel and performance enthusiasts will grin with the power gains possible through tuning, and appreciate the ability of a skilled tuner writer to properly configure other aftermarket modifications like bigger turbos, injectors, built transmissions, higher capacity fuel pumps, cold air intakes and exhausts.



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